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Swimming Strokes

Freestyle stroke/crawl

Front Crawl is swum in a prone horizontal position (face down).

Swimming technique:

1. Move the arms continuously and alternately. Arm pulls underwater from an extended forward position toward the hip, the other arm recovers above water from the hip to the forward extended position.

2. Compact alternate up and down movements of legs quickly.

3. Breathe when the mouth is above the water surface.

Benefit of freestyle stroke: Get a full body workout and tone up overall.


Breaststroke is the most popular swimming stroke of all.

Swimming technique:

1. Swim in a prone position. The body goes from a horizontal position then streamlined glide phase to a more inclined position during arm recovery phase.

2. Arms move simultaneously and symmetrically. Arm pull to an arc shape then moving from an extended forward position to below the chest. Then, move the hands from below the chest to the extended forward position in a straight line.

3. The legs do a symmetrical whip kick. Extended the legs fully at the end of the glide phase.

4. Feet kick outward and backward from the buttocks and then inward and backward back to the fully outstretched leg position again.

Benefit of breaststroke: Work legs muscle and tone back.

Butterfly Stroke

The second fastest swimming stroke, and quite exhausting to swim.

Swimming technique:

1. Swim in a prone position. The chest and the hips take turns in moving up and down in the water.

2. Hands leave the water at the hips, and the arms circle forward sideways above the water until they are extended forward again.

3. Legs do a dolphin kick. Move up and down in a symmetrical fashion with feet pointed.

Benefits of The Butterfly Stroke: Improve posture and make your body more supple and flexible.


The only one of the four competitive strokes swim on the back.

Swimming technique:

1. Swim in a horizontal position on the back. The head stays in a neutral position, face turned up.

2. Arms alternate pulling in the water. Extended forward position to outside the shoulder and then toward the hip.

3. Legs do a flutter kick. Alternate kicking up and down in quickly.

Benefits Of The Backstroke: Improve body posture and work that spine